Since 1980, the Certified Gasoline company name has been associated with nothing but exceptional quality products and top-notch customer service. Certified Gasoline meets the needs of any client. Working with the residential, commercial and industrial markets, we have earned a reputation of being a leader in petroleum distribution, wholesale and retail. We acknowledge that each situation is unique, and may have special requirements. We prepare ourselves to provide solutions, which are designed to meet any number of specific customer needs.

Currently, we supply millions of gallons of gasoline and diesel on a monthly basis to our customer slate. Offering petroleum products, both branded and unbranded, from some of the leading major oil companies, we have branded ourselves as one of the top companies in the industry. We also supply industrial, commercial and marina customers with specialty products. We help our customers stay in compliance with the ever changing federal, state and local government environmental regulations. We can offer special market pricing programs, and whichever you may choose, we guarantee to ensure that you will have a pleasant experience with us for as long as you’re our customer.